Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

Today’s organizations are perpetually at risk for cyber attacks of all kinds, which means they need to stay ahead of the hackers. Risk and vulnerability assessments are the crucial method organizations need to take to reduce the window of exposure to potential attacks, shrink weak points, and mitigate damage.

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Confidently identify and close issues

Risk Assessments

The challenge with assessments lies in the need to run them consistently. Rarely does the IT manager have the time to constantly perform audits of their systems’ vulnerabilities, yet cyber attacks on that manager’s system may be often and aggressive. Risk and vulnerability assessments give you a new security posture to help you identify and close issues so you can meet all security objectives.


Risk assessments employ methods to discover weaknesses and compromised points within your environment. A variety of tactics can:

A risk assessment ensures that the cyber security controls you choose to protect your organization are appropriate to the risks you face.

Confidently identify and close issues

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments examine the potential impact of damage from a successful attack as well as your potential exposure to an attack. These detailed analyses then provide you with a trove of information to make the right security decisions for your business.

An assessment streamlines the variables that expose your organization and primes you to implement the security solutions that fit your unique needs. Information security is an ongoing, evolving requirement, and SCT is here as your trusted partner for consistent evaluation of your security needs. Risk and vulnerability assessments are a vital step in ensuring compliance for any legal and regulatory requirements.

After their completion, our experts stay with you for continued compliance and security recommendations to carry your business well into the future.

Measure your vulnerability by assessing many factors including:

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