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It can be challenging to protect your network when you have multiple employees using the internet on a daily basis. How do you keep your network safe and successfully block out dangerous sites while granting employees some level of freedom?

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With web security and filtering solutions, organizations are given the power to block inappropriate or unsecured sites that could threaten their network. These tools also limit use to online applications that don’t risk exposure to viruses and malware. At SCT, we’re dedicated to helping you stay compliant by recommending solutions that best fit your organization’s needs. If you’re looking for network security solutions, we can help.
Affordable Web Protection

Web Filtering

With our web filtering solutions, you’ll get web protection that’s affordable, easy to use, and highly effective. You can rest assured knowing every user is protected no matter where they go or what device they use – and with no latency. At SCT we offer advanced protection from both targeted threats and ransomware, and our solutions are easy to deploy, manage, and support. Web content filtering gives you instant visibility into your network by accumulating activity into reports and dashboards.

Furthermore, deep forensic capabilities as well as alerts will keep you updated on all the activity in your network, giving you insights into:

Protect Data and Empower Users

Web Security

Integrating web security for better web protection will not only protect data and empower users, but will also increase productivity by:

Implementing ThreatSeeker Intelligence that allows connection to over 900 million endpoints and analyze billions of requests per day

Eliminating false malware and Advanced Malware Detection (AMD) that provides optimized remediation efforts resulting in 100% efficacy when detecting malware.

Integrated CASB functionality that extends control as well as visibility to cloud applications.

Streamlining compliance, keeping on top of data privacy laws and residency requirements without sacrificing productivity.

Extending security and protection beyond the endpoint to include mobile devices while providing protection against threats.

Protecting data via enterprise-grade DLP protection, preventing harm from people that is either accidental or malicious.

Enabling URL filtering that allows control of what traffic is forwarded to the cloud, based off of applications and users.

Applying different policies that expand internet access for roaming users depending on their location.

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