Ensuring that your network is secured should be a top priority. Today, cyber threats constantly evolve in their sophistication and ability to penetrate networks with weak protections. Every organization that relies on the internet in order to deliver mission-critical work should have these threats top of mind, and implementing firewalls can significantly strengthen network security.

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Firewalls can help expose hidden risks, stop unknown threats, and isolate infected systems. They are what stand between cyber space and your network. At SCT, we’ll make recommendations that best fit your unique needs and help you remain compliant. Discover what next-generation firewalls can do for your organization.

A next-generation firewall is a powerful tool that provides advanced visibility into any risky activity occurring across your network as well as protection technologies including deep learning and intrusion prevention. By delivering high performance via prevention-focused architecture, firewalls can isolate compromised systems and stop threats from spreading. They are also easy to deploy, use, and manage. Integrating a next-generation firewall in your organization will help you regain control of your network by giving you visibility into suspicious traffic and implementing automatic threat response.

Manage everything in a single place

Features & Benefits

With a next-generation firewall, you are able to manage network policies, users, and applications in a single place. At SCT, our firewall will help you stay secure and compliant with better:


  •  Management and reporting
  •  Protection
  •  User and application control
  •  Secure remote access

Exposing Hidden Cyber Security Risks

Advanced Visibility

Visibility to exposed risks to your network – even advanced cyber threats

Continuous Threat Intelligence

Updates that are certified and protect against known and unknown threats

Continuous Risk Assessment

Automation that leverages workflow, audit features, and maintains compliance

High-performance threat protection from attacks hidden in encrypted website traffic and powerful inline intrusion detection and prevention to stop threats at the edge.

Security fabric integration that provides automated protection instantly by sharing threats.

Automatic threat response to instantly identify and isolate infected systems.

Complete identification of the infection source on your network and automatic limitation of access to other network resources in response.

Protection of network segments via low latency and highly scalable segmentation.

Enterprise class security management that delivers and manages security policy regardless of form factor or location.

Gain a streamlined view of your network through reporting and monitoring solutions that keep even global multi-location organization networks visible. Powerful reporting on your network allows you to stay in line for audits, see detailed data of what is going on across your network, and lets you identify potential issues and possible attacks.

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