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Email is the number one application used to communicate — and the number one cyber attack vector every organization faces. We can help you choose the right email security and archiving solutions to keep your organization secure and compliant.

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Most Attacks Start with Email

Email Security

Did you know that 91% of cyber attacks start with an email? Whether your email platform is O365, Exchange On Premise, Google, or other, having a system in place that will protect against such threats is not only essential to keeping your email and data safe but also reduces the cost and demands of data storage.

Stop advanced threats by protecting users against spam and more advanced attacks including ransomware.

Stay productive and compliant by ensuring the timely delivery of emails.

Keep data safe with full cloud backup that allows for recovery of every file and email

Protect against phishing threats by performing simulations to help employees spot attacks and prevent breaches.

Our services protect your data against malware, spam, spear phishing, ransomware, and more while simplifying the administration and management of your emails. SCT can help reduce risks and costs while giving your employees greater access to data — improving productivity and workflow efficiency in a secure space.

Minimize Legal Risk

Email Archiving

Our email archiving solution ensures you remain compliant and minimizes any ongoing legal risk to your organization. You’ll have instant access to your information, making it easier to search through your corporate emails. Our reliable cloud backups ensure your data is protected against corruption and erasure by consistently recovering every file and email. SCT can help you modernize your legacy archive and transition you to the cloud where your email will be more easily accessible and your compliance initiatives will be supported.

View Emails when offline

Email Continuity

In the event of a disaster in which your email servers are unreachable, our solution allows you to log in and view emails that would otherwise be queued for delivery. While your email server is unreachable, all emails will be queued for delivery later and automatically sent once your servers are back online.

reduce human errors

Security Awareness

Your employees are your greatest vulnerability. 99% of security breaches involve human error, yet only 11% of global companies conduct monthly awareness training. SCT ensures your business is secured against vulnerability as it relates to human error through effective, modern training techniques with predictive analytics. With training modules that cover an array of topics including phishing and compliance, we make sure your employees contribute to your company health, not risk.

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