Sophos Cyber Insurance Online Event

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

11:00am-1:00pm EDT / 15:00-17:00 GMT

In today’s changing cyber insurance market, many organizations are having trouble getting policies as premiums soar and capacity shrinks.


Join us for this online event that is ideal for IT, legal, finance and GRC teams, to hear what is happening in the cyber insurance market from industry experts. You'll also find out what steps you need to take to qualify for a cyber insurance policy with adequate coverage and keep your premiums down.

You’ll find out about the state of the cyber insurance market and the changes that will affect whether you can qualify for a new policy or a renewal. You also will discover the 12 cybersecurity controls that are increasingly required to secure insurance cover. Topics include:


  • The cyber insurance market and how risk is modelled
  • An insurer's view of the three C's - Coverage, Capacity and Claims
  • The 12 keystone cyber security controls that insurers look for when assessing insurance risk
  • Security technologies that help lower risk and secure coverage