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Simplified management of your district’s instructional technology

Devices for learning are as necessary and commonplace as backpacks and school buses. Whether your school is 1:1 or BYOD, devices need to be managed for functionality and online safety. Securly makes it easy to manage the tech today’s teachers and students depend on.

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Help teachers do what they do best

For today’s educators, leading a class means managing student devices. Securly Classroom helps teachers guide classes confidently and tap into new ways of engaging young minds. Securly equips teachers to remove online distractions and keep students focused on learning.

Secure devices anywhere they go

Although crucial to modern learning, devices aren’t without risk—making a strong web filter an essential part of any device-based environment. And when devices head home, give parents the ability to encourage healthy tech habits with simple tools made just for them.

Manage every device with ease

No matter what technology works best for your students, Securly works to help you simplify how you manage it. From Chromebooks to iPads, Windows devices to just about anything else, Securly helps admins monitor, track, protect, and recover every device in their district.

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Keep devices safe anywhere they go

Student device management for eachers

Parental controls for 1:1 devices at home

Apple device management that works anywhere

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