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Intelligent Traffic Grooming, Optimization, Flexible, Scalable, Self-Healing

VSS Monitoring is the leader in network intelligence optimization systems, allowing you to make optimal use of analytics, security, and WAN acceleration tools. VSS has the broadest product portfolio to meet every customer need, no matter what size or budget. VSS distinguishes itself as the only vendor offering optimization solutions for the entire network intelligence ecosystem. All VSS product is developed, manufactured, tested, and shipped from our facilities in Silicon Valley, USA.

VSS provides a highly scalable, systems-based approach to network intelligence optimization. With the vMesh and the IntelliScale Architecture, up to 63 vNodes can be interconnected to form a fully-redundant, self-healing, scalable traffic access architecture, providing complete network visibility, user-controlled network data access, greater operational efficiency and better ROI.

Our broad portfolio offers:

Distributed Series
The Distributed Series accesses and delivers traffic from one or more full-duplex networks to multiple network intelligence tools. Policy-based triggers, filtering, and load balancing combine with packet optimization and specific application features to provide redundant network intelligence system building for full LAN, WAN, or cloud-based network visibility.

Protector Series
The Protector Series accesses, captures, and delivers traffic from one or more full-duplex networks to multiple active and passive network intelligence tools. Policy-based triggers, health checks, and fail-open / fail-closed configurability combine with filtering and load balancing to provide redundancy and high availability for in-band and out-of-band visibility.

Finder Series
The Finder Series allows large-scale real-time deep packet filtering based on object, pattern, and signature detection. It accesses and delivers traffic from one or more full-duplex networks to multiple network intelligence tools to provide compliant "clean" searches for authorized lawful interception (LI), fraud prevention, and other ultra sensitive parameters.

TAP Series
The TAP Series accesses traffic from full-duplex networks, making them available for network intelligence tools and Network Intelligence Optimization system building. All VSS' TAP Series products are failsafe for 100% guaranteed network uptime. Features such as aggregation, replication & regeneration, and L2-L4 filters provide a wide range of options for accessing Ethernet networks.

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