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M86 MailMarshal Secure Email Server

M86 MailMarshal Secure Email Server (SES) enforces security policies automatically and uses email monitoring and filtering technology to meet regulatory compliance standards and protect from data loss. It provides enhanced Public Key Infrastructure with advanced functionality for key generation, certificate harvesting, automated maintenance and centralized authentication directories. M86 MailMarshal SES is ideal for environments where secure communication needs to be established and maintained among groups of organizations, while allowing for the flexibility to easily change membership and credentials.


Secures Communications and Prevents Data Loss
M86 MailMarshal SES ensures the content within confidential emails and attachments remain private. It confirms the email sender's identity and integrity of the message content and automatically manages encryption and decryption according to an organization's policy and compliance standards.

Easy to Use / Automatic
M86 MailMarshal SES provides a single point of control to manage encryption for an entire organization, making email encryption easier to deploy and maintain and reducing training requirements. The entire process is automated and transparent for end users, requiring no effort on their part. It also streamlines administration and automatically maintains secure email best practices.

Ensures Regulatory and AUP Compliance
Through integration with M86 Security's content monitoring and filtering solutions, M86 MailMarshal SES can analyze encrypted message content to confirm that communications comply with regulatory requirements and organizational policies.

Versatile and Flexible
Compatible with other S/MIME gateway solutions, M86 MailMarshal SES integrates easily with other organizations. It works with independent Certificate Authorities and operates with standard S/MIME clients such as Microsoft Outlook easily.


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