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M86 MailMarshal Email Content Manager

M86 MailMarshal ECM (formerly M86 MailMarshal Exchange) is a flexible, scalable email policy management solution for Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010. Using deep content inspection technology, it simplifies compliance by ensuring inbound, outbound and internal email - including text, images and file attachments - adhere to data loss prevention and AUP requirements. Its scalability, centralized management and reporting, ease of deployment and minimal administration overhead make M86 MailMarshal ECM the most robust, yet cost effective internal email security solution available.


Simplifies Regulatory and AUP Compliance
M86 MailMarshal ECM enables organizations to easily set and enforce a wide variety of policies. In addition to pre-set templates (HIPAA, SOX), rules can be customized based on virtually any message criteria. Plus, it can auto-archive, retrieve and store messages based on custom criteria.

Prevents Data Loss
M86 MailMarshal ECM prevents accidental or malicious data loss using email monitoring and filtering, deep content inspection of attachments, fingerprint technology and lexical dictionaries that can manage distribution of sensitive content.

The solution's array/node architecture enables robust, unified, company-wide reporting and centralized policy management for enterprise environments. It also supports the Microsoft Exchange high-availability model for essentially no downtime.

Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
Easy deployment, limitless scalability, minimal administration overhead and consolidated and centralized management, along with detailed, centralized and clear reporting in one solution, make M86 MailMarshal ECM one of the most cost effective internal email solutions available.


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