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Mimecast email security overview

As the range of email threats has grown, systems for email security and encryption have become ever more complex. Businesses have to spend far too much time and money trying to secure email systems; resources that would be better directed at core business operations.

Mimecast Email Security provides the most comprehensive, cloud-based email risk mitigation available in the market today - that's why we are CRN Security Vendor of the Year.

Backed by stringent availability and security SLAs, along with flexible email encryption options, it cuts cost and complexity, removing threats in the cloud to reduce your risks and improve overall email server performance. It is also built to ensure you can meet data security and privacy obligations governing everything from health information to payment card processing information in emails.

We protect against inbound and outbound email-borne threats. This includes malware, spam, phishing, DHA & DDoS attacks, deliberate or accidental data leaks, outages, and social engineering attacks.

End user benefits
  • No more unwanted email
  • Interactive email quarantine digests from Outlook
  • Minimal administration for users
  • Easy-to-use
  • User-invoked secure email communication

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