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Innovative Web and Email Security

Protects the Network, Data and Users. Enables Business to Work.

Trustwave provides innovative products that protect data, users and networks from the latest threats in real time. These products offer advanced features that allow safe use of Web 2.0 tools, social media and messaging tools. With Web and email gateway security products backed by expert intelligence from Trustwave Labs, organizations can trust that they are completely protected while their users are free to access the Web and email productively.

Real-time Malware Protection and Business Enablement

Trustwave delivers proactive technology that provides real-time malware protection. Our secure Web gateway detects and deactivates malicious code on legitimate websites and enables flexible control of social media access. It also repairs malware-infected web pages - without blocking them - to allow safe, uninterrupted access to content.

Our secure email gateway goes beyond the protection offered by signature-based malware scanners, using behavioral analysis to detect and neutralize previously unknown exploits and protect from blended threats.

Multiple Deployment Options

Trustwave delivers exceptional performance regardless of platform: software, appliance or cloud-based. The network shouldn't have to fit the solution; the solution should be able to fit the network.

Centralized Reporting and Administration

Developing our own technology allows us to build products based on a common policy engine. This provides consistent and uniform functionality, fast deployment and update activation, and ease-of-use through centralized reporting and administration.

Scalable and Flexible

Trustwave solutions provide full feature sets, robust performance, minimal network impact, dependable accuracy and unmatched scalability. And, whether scalability means adding 10 new users or 500,000, we have the proven products to handle it.

Web Security Products

Trustwave Secure Web Gateway
Real-time malware protection that manages productivity, provides data loss prevention and enables access to Web 2.0 applications safely for onsite and remote users.

Trustwave Web Filtering and Reporting Suite
Appliance-based URL filtering, application control, forensic reporting and real-time monitoring and mitigation of outbound Web-based threats.

Trustwave WebMarshal
Software-based inbound and outbound Web traffic control and management, threat protection and data loss prevention.

Email Security Products

Trustwave MailMarshal Secure Email Gateway
Email gateway security software that unifies email spam protection, content security, policy enforcement and data loss prevention.

Trustwave MailMarshal Email Content Manager
Filtering and management of all email flowing through Exchange between inboxes and Exchange servers in remote offices.

Trustwave MailMarshal Service Provider Edition
Security as a Service solution that enables service providers to offer hosted email content security services to enterprise customers.

Trustwave MailMarshal Secure Email Server
Dedicated, policy-based secure email solution that provides email encryption, digital signatures and deep content inspection of all email messages.

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