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M86 Web Filtering and Reporting Suite

The award-winning M86 Web Filtering and Reporting Suite (WFR) helps organizations enforce AUPs and comply with regulations easily. Known for its fast performance and multi-tiered administration capabilities, the M86 WFR sits outside the flow of network traffic to quickly and accurately filter millions of websites in 100+ categories - without impacting bandwidth or productivity.


Safe Access to YouTube
Integrates with M86's free VuSafe service, as well as other video filters, to give K-12 students secure access to educational YouTube videos.

Extensive Application Control
Filters Web traffic on all TCP ports and scans hundreds of applications to identify and deny applications that conflict with policies or abuse bandwidth.

High Scalability
Segments one appliance into several independent operating groups with their own rules and policies using strong multi-tiered administration capabilities.

Regulatory and AUP Compliance
Helps schools and other organizations comply with regulations such as CIPA and enforce AUPs using flexible policy administration, detailed on-box reporting or dedicated stand-alone reporting.


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M86 Web Filtering and
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