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What is Kaspersky Security for Mobile Devices?

Simply put, the value of the data stored on your business's smart phones vastly exceeds the value of the device itself. What if an employee left their smartphone in a taxi or on a table in a cafe? What if it was stolen? Who would have access to all your contacts, messages, and personal and business files?

Kaspersky Mobile Security is a convenient and easy way to protect confidential business information, block malicious attacks and put an end to annoying SMS spam on your smartphones.

Why is it necessary to protect mobile devices? The loss or theft of smart phones means that your business information and your employees' personal data can land in malicious hands. Plus, smartphones can fall victim to attacks while downloading information from the Web, exposing business data. And the growth of SMS spam is becoming an increasing nuisance and productivity killer.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition delivers the newest anti-cybercrime technologies directly to mobile devices with reliable anti-theft, anti-malware protection, remote recovery and data privacy technology. Plus, it can be deployed, managed, and updated from Kaspersky Security Center, the same central security management platform you use for your workstations, file servers, mail servers, and gateways.

Product Highlights
  • Support for Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile smartphones
  • Reliable protection from malicious and potentially hostile programs
  • Filtration of spam
  • Scanning of incoming and outgoing emails and attachments
  • Prevention of virus outbreaks
  • Misplaced phones can be tracked via GPS coordinates, and remotely locked to ensure data remains secure
  • Stolen phones can be remotely wiped, even if the SIM card is replaced

Additional Features
  • Isolation of infected and suspicious objects
  • Convenient administration system
  • Alert-based monitoring of the protection system's status
  • System for reporting on component status
  • Scalability
  • Automatic updating of databases

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