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What is Kaspersky Security Management

Kaspersky® Administration Kit is a dynamic and flexible tool for centralized management of Kaspersky Lab applications on a corporate network. Kaspersky Administration Kit was expressly designed to meet the needs of networks of any size or complexity. This tool enables central administration of dynamic networks that number tens of thousands of nodes, extending to remote access and laptop users.

Product philosophy

Versatility and scalability. Kaspersky Administration Kit allows for the effective management of antivirus protection on networks of any complexity and configuration. The tool allows communication between administrative servers and clients on networks with dedicated lines, VPN, firewalls and proxy servers.

Single-point administration. Deploying antivirus protection, setting parameters for groups and individuals, updating antivirus databases and program modules, monitoring system status and responding effectively to critical situations - these as well as other administrative tasks can all be carried out from the administrator's workstation.

Continuous control. Data on administrative servers and client computers (including laptops) is regularly synchronized to ensure compliance with the company's security policy and server settings. This also ensures that administrators receive up-to-the-minute information on network incidents, even when they are not in the office (via SMS, for example).

Minimal disruption. Administration of antivirus protection should be barely perceptible to the end user. With Kaspersky Administration Kit, administrators can perform all tasks related to deploying and maintaining the company's antivirus protection remotely, without having to disrupt end users' work.

Tightened security. A number of additional safeguards for the administrative network help to harden network security: configuration of administrator role and task definitions, auditing of administrative activities and data exchange via SSL. Moreover, by operating the antivirus program in non-interactive mode, administrators can ensure that users do not make local changes to application settings that could put the network at risk.

Simplified administration. The system is administered via the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), which is a familiar tool for network administrators. A choice of wizards is available to simplify integration and setup of the solution. There is also the option of making backup copies of the database and all application settings, which saves the administrator time when re-installing the program. Moreover, color-coded graphic reports make for easy reading.


Remote installation. There is a choice of methods for installing antivirus solutions. Computers can be added to the administration group either manually or automatically, using the physical network structure, Active Directory service or IP address ranges.

Centralized administration of applications. Configuring parameters for applications across all nodes on the managed network (including laptops) and updating antivirus databases and program modules can be carried out centrally, from the administrator's workstation.

Monitoring antivirus protection. Administrators can plan how the program will respond to specific events, for instance by sending notifications via email. Copies of infected files and suspicious objects are saved in backup folders, which are accessible to administrators via a single console.

Security policies for laptops. Administrators can create a special security policy for laptop users, which will activate as soon as the laptop disconnects from the corporate network (for example, when an employee is away on business or vacation).

Support for Cisco® Network Admission Control (NAC). If the security settings of a mobile device (e.g., a laptop or PDA) do not meet the requirements of the security policy established on the local network, Cisco NAC can deny network access to the device, place it in quarantine or grant it limited access to network resources.

Training and support

Product training. Courses train system administrators to install and maintain antivirus protection based on Kaspersky Lab products.

Free technical support. Kaspersky Lab customers can receive free technical support via telephone or email. If necessary, the company guarantees to provide an exclusive treatment module or security confirmation within 24 hours.

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