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Antivirus Security for File Servers

What is Kaspersky Security for File Servers?

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus for File Servers protects data stored on file servers (including the latest x64 versions) from all types of malicious programs. The solutions maintain high reliability and meet the exacting demands of corporate servers that carry heavy loads.

You can expect the following benefits from all Kaspersky Anti-Virus for servers products:
  • Effective Protection: On-access, scheduled, and on-demand scanning of all key system components will detect and remove (or block) malicious software and infected objects. Outbreak prevention and containment tools empower administrators to make prompt and appropriate actions to prevent further damage. Recovery and rollback features restore your systems to their previous posture.
  • High Performance: Kaspersky server products are optimized to load-balance system resources depending on which tasks have the highest priority. Antivirus scanning can be reprioritized if other applications require resources more urgently. And only during the first on-demand scan task are all objects analyzed, whereas during subsequent scans only new or modified files are selected for analysis.
  • Efficient and Comprehensive Manageability: Kaspersky Security Center is the central management solution enabling installation and administration of Kaspersky security products as well as monitoring and reporting on network and application status.

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