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Overview - Total Web Filter Solution

Threat Management
  • Web Content Security
  • URL Filtering

  • Secure Hardened OS
  • Standards-based Fail-Over
  • Available Fail-Safe Bypass Ports

    Configuration and Deployment
  • Full Throughput Capabilities
  • High Performance Transparent Inline Filtering (Not Proxy)
  • Explicit Proxy Mode
  • Inline Proxy Mode
  • Switch with Multi-Link Trunking (VLAN Trunking Support)
  • Hybrid Mode (Fixed Filtering, NTLM, and Proxy Authentication)
  • Software Free Installation
  • Operating System Independent
  • Web Browser Independent

  • User/Group/IP-based Policy Management
  • MAC-based Policy Management
  • Web-based and Remote Management
  • Security Alerts (Automatic Alerts Based on Thresholds)
  • Copy Group Policies
  • Restore and Backup Settings
  • Manage and Sync Multiple Locations/Units
  • Firmware Updates Pushed

    Protocol Management Out-of-the-Box
  • UDP Encrypted Traffic Analyzing/Filtering
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • FTP
  • Telnet, Socks
  • P2P (Gnutella, BitTorrent, eDonkey, Kazaa, Skype, others)
  • IM (AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Google Chat, Camfrog, Jabber, others)
  • File Type Blocking
  • Online Gaming
  • IP and Port Blocking
  • Streaming Media
  • Malicious Traffic
  • Remote Access
  • Proxy Avoidance (Anonymizer, Ultrasurf, others)
  • Manage Protocols Regardless of Port
  • GUI-based Management of Protocols
  • Automatic Real-Time Update of Protocol Database
  • Scheduling of Games, P2P, Chat, Overall Usage

  • Active Directory, LDAP, and Single Sign-on Integration
  • Transparent Single Sign-on for Active Directory/eDirectory
  • Open Directory, eDirectory Open LDAP Integration
  • Real-Time Directory Server Sync
  • Individual User Login Creation (SuperUser)

    Bandwidth Management (Quality of Service)
  • Bandwidth Throttling & Limits
  • Group, User, Domain/IP, Port or Category Based Filtering
  • Throttle Schedules
  • URL Filtering
  • 15+ Million Websites in URL Filtering Database
  • 50+ Web Categories in URL Database
  • Real-Time Database Updates
  • Flexible Filtering (Time-based Filtering)
  • Block Page Override
  • URL Category Lookup
  • URL Exception Request Manager
  • URL Override to Domain
  • Allow/Block List Import
  • Restrict Domain Extensions
  • Sleep Schedules
  • SafeSearch Enforcement

    Infection Access Prevention
  • Drive-by Spyware Protection
  • Blocks Sites INfected with Malicious Mobile Code (MMC)
  • Automatic Protection against Phishing and Pharming Attacks
  • Automatic, Real-time Security Updates to Database
  • Blocks Spyware and Keylogger Backchannel Communication

    Web 2.0 Application Filtering
  • Layer 7 Filtering
  • Signature/Footprint Analysis
  • Blocks IM
  • Blocks P2P Communication
  • Blocks Proxy Avoidance Communication

  • Detailed Real-time Reports
  • Real-time Bandwidth Activity Monitor
  • Real-time Top Bandwidth Consumers Monitor
  • Reports based on schedules
  • Real-time Web Activity Monitor
  • Reporting of All User URL Activity Daily
  • Reporting of All User Web 2.0 Activity Daily
  • Reporting of All User Bandwidth Consumptions
  • Drill-down reports to Granular Level
  • Reporting of User Activity by AD/LDAP Name vs. IP
  • Reports stored locally on Appliance
  • Exportable reports via PDF, CSV, and HTML
  • Auto-generate PDF reports on schedules
  • Custom PDF report templates
  • Graphical PDF/CSV/HTML reports auto-emailed on schedule
  • Entire daily log activity exportable to CSV
  • Reports stored on Appliance for average of 1 Year
  • Optional External Reporter

    Desktop Recording (DMCR)
  • Live Desktop Stealth MultiView
  • Desktop monitoring
  • User Desktop Remote Controlling
  • User Action Recording
  • Auto-Record Video Desktop Recording on Threshold Triggers
  • Stored User Desktop Recordings on Device
  • Play/Export Desktop Recordings

  • No Per User Fees
  • No Throughput Restrictions

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