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Networks Need Exinda

With network traffic growing exponentially, application performance and WAN optimization are two of the biggest IT challenges that organizations face. Until now, network managers and administrators lacked a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing network resources and bandwidth while meeting user expectations for fast application response. Exinda revolutionizes the way organizations manage their network by offering an affordable and easy to use appliance that delivers visibility, control and optimization.

The Unified Performance Management Advantage

Many organizations rely on a number of different point solutions for network monitoring, reporting and application acceleration. This approach adds complexity and increases the administrative burden on IT staff. With the Exinda Unified Performance Management (UPM) solution, all of the core capabilities needed to effectively manage a WAN are incorporated into a single network appliance. These tightly integrated capabilities include real-time monitoring, reporting, traffic control, optimization and intelligent acceleration. Users can toggle between a simplified or advanced interface and may also choose a centralized management platform for controlling multiple appliances across the network.

By dramatically simplifying WAN optimization, Exinda empowers organizations to improve application performance, lower network operating costs, defer costly bandwidth upgrades and increase productivity by reducing the time employees spend waiting for slow applications to respond.

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