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Recent research from Ernst & Young found that regulatory compliance continues to be an important driver for information security. For many organizations information security risk management is a top priority for 2010.

Whether it's basic privacy, data security threats, or meeting regulatory compliance requirements as mandated by HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, PIPEDA, UK Data Protection Act, IT managers have a daunting task to protect their company's data and reputation. Even the smallest compliance-related infractions could mean a damaged reputation, extensive audits, expensive financial penalties, and litigation.

DataMotion has a keen understanding of your compliance requirements. We've helped hundred of customers like you mitigate their data security risks, and meet regulatory compliance with powerful, yet easy to use solutions. We invite you to explore our offerings to help you quickly and effectively meet your risk and compliance needs.

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DataMotion offers a suite of services on a single platform to secure, track and automate your data in motion. All built upon DataMotion's cloud-enabled Intelligent Information Transport platform, DataMotionÂ’s offerings are designed to integrate seamlessly with one another while leveraging your existing messaging infrastructure. Core services include secure email, file transfer and electronic forms.YouÂ’ll be meeting your compliance requirements, and mitigating risk within hours.

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