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Cymphonix Secure Web Gateway Product Family

Securing your Web Gateway requires staying on top of your connection-everywhere and anytime. The Network Composer® EX series-XLi™ and XLi-E OS V9- and our award-winning reporting tools, including an iPhone® application, allow you to stay connected and in control. In addition, if you have a large or multiple-site organization, our Network Conductor enables you to centrally manage multiple EX Network Composers.


Network Composer EX Series

The Network Composer EX series provides awareness of users, applications, and Web content in a unified appliance that allows you to make performance and security decisions about converged Internet traffic. Since you can't fix what you can't see, our award-winning, intuitive interface solves that by maximizing network visibility. And our certified reseller partners give you the solution that's right for your environment.

Network Conductor EC Series

Incorporate a centralized management and reporting appliance for your multiple-site organization with Cymphonix. Network Conductor provides a single, consolidated interface for many Cymphonix® EX Network Composers.

Mobile Client

Cymphonix Mobile Client is the perfect solution for schools and businesses that need to ensure mobile users are compliant with policy. Mobile Client integrates both reporting and management functionality for mobile users that go off network, including custom categories, filter avoidance, malware protection and block and allow lists, and is available for a variety of devices and platforms.

Operating System and Reporting:

XLi Version 9 Operating System

The XLi operating system is integral to the Network Composer EX series. XLi comes in two variations to meet the needs of a wide range of environments. XLi and XLI-E both provide deep-packet inspection, filtering, and shaping, as well as comprehensive multidimensional policy and reporting capabilities. Our approved resellers will match you to the right version for your organization's unique needs.

Granular Reporting

Because in-line scanning captures volumes of data, the Network Composer EX Dynamic Live Reporting Engine was designed to let you interpret the data and pinpoint network issues quickly. Start with high-level summary reports and then drill down anywhere through the organization to a department or even individual-user level. You can't control what you can't see it.

iPhone Application

Getting the right information to the right people in the right place just got easier. As one component of robust reporting from the Network Composer EX series, our iPhoneŽ application provides iPhone and iPod touch users the ability to conduct real-time monitoring, detailed application reporting, Web reporting, and user reporting of their organization's Internet traffic. If you want to access critical Internet data-the right information at the right time-then our application is right for you.

The combination of Cymphonix products, the XLi OS, and award-winning reporting tools create a robust Secure Web Gateway for any environment. See for yourself how Cymphonix can improve the visibility, security, and efficiency of your converged Internet connection.

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