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Biscom's File Transfer Solution

Biscom Delivery Server enables enterprise-class file transfer and secure email. BDS is a clientless, Web-based secure file transfer solution that enables secure, authenticated, point-to-point delivery of files and messages. Tracking and reporting capabilities, important for regulatory compliance, provide a comprehensive audit trail.

    »  Easier to use than FTP
    »  More secure than email
    »  Faster than courier services
    »  Complete audit trail for compliance

How it Works

Biscom Delivery Server is a Web-based solution for file transfer and secure messaging. Files of any size and type are securely stored to the BDS server, and email notifications are sent to recipients notifying them that a delivery is waiting. With Web, Outlook, and MFP user interfaces, and with a rich API for application integration, BDS provides ease-of-use, security, and a complete audit trail for file transfer and secure messaging needs.

File Delivery Solution

Secure file transfer enables businesses to transfer files while documenting every delivery with a complete audit trail. Companies that must comply with such regulations as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley are accountable for the safe and verifiable delivery of sensitive information.

Secure Email Solution

Email is the most prevalent method of business communications and yet the least secure. Prying eyes can intercept email passed through the Internet. Even email within a corporate network can be viewed by anyone with administrator rights. Protect your email with Biscom Delivery Server and ensure that only the intended recipient sees your message.

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