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AccelOps Overview

Virtualized data center environments feature persistently high change velocity and rapidly increasing virtual machine density. Managing performance, availability, and security in these dynamic environments can be extremely complex.

Your monitoring platform must address the following key requirements:
  • Automate complex decisions in real-time
  • Offer robust security and performance monitoring
  • Operate in hybrid cloud environments
  • Scale up or down as demand fluctuates
All-in-One IT Monitoring

AccelOps is the industry's first monitoring application to integrate security (SIEM), performance, and availability monitoring in a single application. We monitor devices, users and applications across the entire IT infrastructure - on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both - from a single pane of glass. The solution employs a variety of protocols to automatically discover IT assets, categorize them, and populate a built-in configuration management database (CMDB).

Find and Fix Problems Faster

Unlike suites of separate monitoring applications for your servers, storage, virtualized devices, network elements, and applications, AccelOps monitors the complete infrastructure in a single application. By combining security, performance and availability monitoring with powerful real-time analytics, AccelOps identifies security incidents and performance-impacting problems far more quickly to keep your business running. Using a simple drag and drop user interface, you can group data center resources and their interrelationships by business service, such as CRM, ERP, Exchange, or database, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of finding and fixing problems or bottlenecks.
  • Robust security, performance and availability monitoring in a single view
  • Real-time alerts for security or performance-impacting incidents
  • Monitors physical and virtual environments, on- and off-premise
  • Scales up or down easily as demand changes
The AccelOps Approach

The heart of the AccelOps monitoring application is patented real-time analytics technology. AccelOps collects, parses, stores and correlates events, logs and metrics across the entire data center infrastructure. More than 1750 built-in rules and reports cover a variety of security and performance scenarios to intelligently identify threats and performance bottlenecks. A full complement of dashboards and reports may be used as-is or is easily customized to communicate infrastructure health and support compliance requirements.

The AccelOps Advantage
  • Decision speed: Our patented pattern-based analysis technology processes highly complex decision logic in real-time - similar to how humans reason.
  • Continuous learning: We continuously learn the behavior of your environment by cross-correlating log information, device availability and performance statistics, network flow data, user identity and location, and more. Your platform gets smarter and your management costs are lower.
  • Real-time alerting and historical forensics: More than 250 rules detect anomalous behavior and events. Comprehensive search and reporting capabilities simplify compliance reporting.
  • Secure, multi-tenancy: A fully virtualized architecture deploys and scales easily to provide secure, partitioned views for MSPs supporting hundreds of clients or for individual departments within a large enterprise.
  • Simple extensibility: The AccelOps monitoring application runs on a virtual appliance. Scaling the solution is as easy as adding additional VMware ESX VMs to a cluster.
Quick to Install - Easy to Use

AccelOps' software-only application runs on a VMware ESX or ESXi virtual appliance and doesn't require any purpose-built hardware. Our virtual appliance model scales easily as needs change by simply adding VMs to a cluster. Installation takes only a few hours, and device discovery is automatic and agentless. AccelOps' intuitive user interface is easy to learn and easy to use, usually delivering results in less than a day.

Virtual Appliance - Key Features
  • AccelOps' virtual appliance is a native VMware guest host installation
  • NAS or SAN-based storage options for flexible, scalable, online data retention
  • Virtual appliance clustering to scale-out data processing and storage capacity
  • VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler provides high availability
  • Hardened OS security and embedded operational data management
  • User authentication and encryption for software access
  • Role-based access control
Ready, Set, Go for IT!

The AccelOps solution automatically discovers, baselines, and continuously monitors the infrastructure by capturing, trending and assessing configurations, flows, objects and events. The system supports an extensive array of sources spanning network devices, systems, security, application, directory services, virtualization, and even environment controls. It aggregates, filters, and cross-correlates operational data dynamically, and efficiently stores the data for years of online historical analysis.

Out-of-the box analytics, dashboards, reports, metrics, CMDB, Google-like search and fingertip access to pertinent real-time and long-term historical data completely abstracts our high-performance data processing and optimized event data repository. An enticing web 2.0-browser interface allows for anytime, anywhere access to your organization's AccelOps solution.

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